Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A random e-mail from Jean Marc...

Completely unrelated to this blog, just happened to show up the other day in response to, I assume, a picture of me in chef jacket and blue jeans:

Chef Fuller,

I’m highly offended to see you in a dirty old pair of blue jeans.

And how can you be a real chef if you aren’t wearing a chef hat?

Huh, you tell me that!

And what the hell is this asparagus you’re talking about?

I have an idea for an article: “why the French can kick anyone’s butt when

It comes to cooking.”


Your favorite customers

He and his family are big fans of Mad Mex. I agree with the guy, the French sure can cook. They don't make very good donuts, however. Somehow, the French never worked that out. In case anyone missed it, he is being humorous in the e-mail.

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